Winter Winners of a combined 150,000 HCA Points

Winter Winners | Grinning because they have won 50,000 points

Congratulations to Kamal Kaur, Rosangela Richardson and Trudi Gayler who all won 50,000 HCA points during our winter ‘Work 100 Hours’ competition. We caught up with all three winners and asked them what they plan on spending their points on, as well as finding out some great information about what they enjoy most about working with HCA.

Kamal Kaur – EEN with Malvern, Victoria

Starting work as a Personal Care Attendant (PAC) with HCA, Kamal has now worked as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN) with us for one year. Currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing, she looks forward to working in Acute Care, Medical wards or potentially Oncology in the future. She informed the team that “caring for others” is the most rewarding part of her job, which encourages her to continue her studies.

As a University student, the flexibility of working with an agency gives Kamal the opportunity to work when it is convenient to her. “I can work more when I am on holidays and then take time off for a clinical placement” she says.

Upon hearing she was the July winner of our ‘Work 100 Hours’ competition, Kamal was elated and said she feels both “surprised and excited”. Her plans are to go on a shopping spree through the HCA Rewards store and pick up a few products from our range of +3,000 products and experiences.

Congratulations Kamal! We hope you enjoyed your shopping spree.

Rosangela Richardson – Registered Mental Health Nurse, Queensland

Rosangela has been a Mental Health Nurse with NAA QLD for over 2 years and was the lucky winner of our August ‘Work 100 Hours’ competition.

When we spoke to Rosangela to let her know she had won the 50,000 HCA points jackpot, she was extremely surprised and incredibly grateful to hear the news. Her plans are to continue building up her HCA points total to put towards her trip to Italy, which she will look to take taking next year.

Congratulations and Buon Viaggio Roangela! We hope you enjoy your time in Italy!

Trudi Gayler – ASEPS Theatre Nurse, South Australia

Trudi has worked with the ASEPS team in South Australia for over 12 years and was extremely honoured and privileged to find out that she was the winner of the final 50,000 HCA points.

She plans to convert her points to Qantas Frequent Flyer points and use them for travel or alternatively bring her parents over from Hobart to visit her.

Trudi considers her favourite part of nursing to be patient advocacy, which includes getting to know her patients and understanding their needs. One thought that she shared with our team, on her success in nursing is to “be true to yourself”; her way to deliver the best results to all patients.

Congratulations Trudi! We hope you build many precious memories as you travel with your points.

We would like to thank all our dedicated healthcare professionals for their hard work throughout the winter period. We look forward to working with you all the way through to 2017.

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