Top five reasons why our nurses and midwives pick up agency shifts


Nurses and Midwives may consider agency nursing at some point in their lives to supplement their income, enjoy flexibility and work-life balance, or simply challenge themselves by going into different facilities with new co-workers and patients.

We spoke with our nurses and midwives about why they chose agency nursing and compiled the top five reasons below:

-Acquire more shifts – Picking up more shifts to supplement income is a big reason why nurses choose agency work. They may already have a full-time role and need the extra pay or need more shifts to make up full-time hours.

-Flexibility – Enjoy the flexibility of choosing shifts that suit their lifestyle. They may have families to look after and busy schedules outside of work. They’re also not stuck in the same facility and get to pick shifts they enjoy most.

-Variety of work – Love the ability to work across many facilities in diverse roles. Opportunities may come up that they may never get working in one facility.

-Pay – Agency nurses get paid more per hour. Experience can mean higher pay; excellent penalty rates and some facilities even offer holiday pay.

 – Gain Experience – Agency nursing is an excellent way to gain experience in areas that may be difficult to find work in and help towards career development, whether it be full-time or agency roles in the future.

Healthcare Australia (HCA) specialise in agency and permanent recruitment for nursing and midwives across Australia. If the above reasons may pique your interest in considering agency nursing or you’re looking for permanent opportunities, we’re here to help!

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