The LML Doctors 100 Club is growing fast!

Dr Robinson - LML Doctors 100 Club Member

Our LML Doctors 100 Club is rapidly expanding with Dr Robinson being the latest member to join the ranks by billing 100 invoices! Dr Robinson heard about LML Medical Recruitment through word of mouth back in 2009 and has been with us ever since. He has been working continuously at Melton Health in Victoria, where he is currently the Senior Resident Medical Officer (SRMO) in the Urgent Care Centre (UCC).

The LML Doctors 100 Club was created to incentivise doctors to continue to make a difference to the Australian Healthcare System through their hard work, loyalty and dedication to the job.

How can I become a LML Doctors 100 Club member?

You can become an LML Doctors 100 Club member whatever your specialty! So if you are a Anaesthetist in Cairns or a General Practitioner in Perth, we will reward you with $1,000 EFTPOS gift card after you have billed your 100th invoice with us!

Contact the LML Team:
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