Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions about our Flu Vaccination Program. If you have further questions that are not answered by this section, please get in touch with the team and we will be able to help you out.

1. What locations does HCA Corporate Health service?
2. Who will administer our vaccinations?
3. How do you assure quality?
4. What is the process once I book my companies flu vaccinations?
5. What are the benefits of flu vaccinations at work?

What locations does HCA Corporate Health service?

We have a complete national presence. With over 7,000 Nurses Australia wide, we service every nook and cranny of the country.

Who will administer our vaccinations?

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Registered Nurse (RN) will administer the vaccinations. Our nurses are credentialed and highly trained in delivering vaccinations. The NP or RN will also be able to assess the employee’s suitability for vaccination. If an employee is deemed not suitable for vaccination during their appointment, they will be referred to their Medical Practitioner.

How do you assure quality?

HCA Corporate Health holds the licenses to handle and store vaccines.

All our vaccinations are stored in compliance with local legislations and cold chain policy, adhering to the National Vaccine storage guidelines.

Our Nurses are all credentialed and have been trained to deliver these specific vaccinations.

What is the process once I book my company’s flu vaccinations?

It is a simple and easy process to book flu vaccinations with HCA Corporate Health!

Once you accept our quote, we will set a date and time for the Nurse to be at your workplace. We will provide you with material to advertise flu vaccinations with your employees – including an email, flyer and poster templates.  Additionally, we offer a complete employee booking process from start to finish, which is complimentary when booking your vaccinations with us.

What are the benefits of flu vaccinations at work?

A workplace flu vaccination program is an outstanding way to reduce sick leave during the winter flu season. Other benefits include an increase in your office productivity, protection of your business against loss of resources and most importantly the opportunity to show your workers you care about them.

Quality Control

We have 14 offices across Australia, which provide cold chain storage for our vaccinations. This enables us to reduce costs and provide the most competitive pricing. Our office locations are:

  • Sydney , NSW
  • Newcastle, NSW
  • Parramatta, NSW
  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Frankston, VIC
  • Geelong, VIC
  • Darwin, NT
  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Townsville, QLD
  • Cairns, QLD
  • Adelaide, SA
  • Perth, WA

How much will the flu season cost your business? Start organising your companies flu vaccination program today by requesting a quote below: