Say ‘NO’ to Flu this winter

SAY _NO_to Flu this winter

Last year’s flu season was reported as one of the worst in history but we could be in for something much worse in 2018.

The flu epidemic in Hong Kong hasn’t reached its peak yet and still, it’s become so severe that schools and kindergartens have been shut down. The virus has killed over 100 people in a matter of weeks, and with local hospitals and emergency wards overflowing with patients, the question is, when will it hit Australia?

When the flu hits town this winter, the virus will most definitely arrive by plane which won’t take long to spread through ferries, buses, and other public spaces. You only need a single infected person in the office or classroom where it’s poorly ventilated or dry where it will spread like wildfire.

Did you know?

A workplace can lose up to six days per Full-Time Employee diagnosed with influenza in a year. There was an estimated $90.4 million in lost labour productivity in 2017 due to the flu.

This winter, businesses will need a plan of attack to tackle and minimise the risk of spreading the virus. At HCA Corporate Health, we’re offering Australian businesses nationally competitive rates to immunise their employees to combat nasty flu and decrease absenteeism.

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