Meet Mai Pham, one of the dedicated Midwives at HCA VIC


When Mai was asked what does it mean to you to be a midwife, she wrote, “Midwifery means to be with a woman and making her feel empowered in her own journey of becoming a new mother. I feel so lucky to be part of a really intimate time for a family as I get to be closely involved in helping them through a challenging transition to new parents. Once they have a baby, their life will never be the same”.

The minute a baby is born, I love seeing how the partner looks and smiles at the woman, squeezing both of her shoulders with excitement, their baby is so loud and they love it, and they both look at their baby with a beam on their face and sometimes they shed tears of joy, without saying a word, you could feel a bundle of joy bursting out of their faces and eyes. I just stand back and enjoy the very special moment. A moment which makes me feel like I’m on top of the world and it’s not even my baby. Imagine how the parents feel!
I love working with women and their partners to show them how to work well as a team to care for their baby and the most rewarding feeling is when I see them becoming more confident and independent each day and ready to go home by the time they’re discharged.

Thank to HCA that my work life balance is great. I get to choose which part of beautiful Australia I want to see and work, and when to work. I’m loving my agency life as I get to meet lots of great people and pick up more skills and knowledge along my fun filled journey.