Placement Passport FAQs

1. What do I do if I lose my Placement Passport or Check-In stickers?

Contact your consultant so that they can get a new Passport or Check-In stickers out to you. (Please note we cannot issue more than one replacement Passport/set of Check-In stickers per person)

2. My Placement Passport is full! What do I do now?

First of all – well done! You are well on the way to taking out one of the prizes with a full Placement Passport – contact your consultant for a new one.

3. My placement started before March 1, 2018. Can I count the hours worked and check-in?

You can only count the hours worked from March 1, 2018 towards to promotion.
Yes, you can Check-In (as long as you are still on placement once the promotion has commenced).

4. I completed my favourite placement in 2017. Can I enter a blog post for this placement?

No. Only placements which fall within the promotion period can be utilised to enter a blog for the Category 3 prize.

5. I had to leave my placement early, are my hours and Check-In still valid?

No. Only placements which are successfully completed can have their hours and Check-Ins counted towards the promotion.

6. I don’t have Facebook/don’t want to join the Facebook page. Can I still be part of the promotion?

Absolutely! Just use your passport to track your hours and Check-Ins and you are still eligible to take home one of our fantastic prizes!

7. I didn’t receive my Passport – why not?

Only candidates who are on a placement OR have a placement confirmed to start will be sent a Passport. Once you get a placement locked in, rest assured that your consultant will have one on its way to you!

If you do have a placement locked in and don’t have a Passport, please contact your consultant and let them know so they can get one to you ASAP!

8. I have another question that isn’t answered here. Who can I speak to?

Speak to your consultant! They are experts in the Placement Passport promotion and will be able to help you with the answer or refer to your Passport – it contains HEAPS of information that may answer your question.


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