R&R New to Remote Pathway

Ready for the ultimate nursing adventure?

What is HCA’s New to Remote Pathway?

A placement pathway unique to Healthcare Australia designed to support Registered Nurses in developing their existing clinical knowledge and experience towards the goal of working in Remote Health.

Leveraging off HCA’s reputation, extensive experience and client relationships, we can offer candidates placements in rural and then remote areas to give them the confidence to transition their careers from urban Emergency Nursing to remote Primary Health Nursing.

Each Registered Nurse will work with a dedicated Rural & Remote Consultant who will identify placement opportunities across Australia in rural Emergency Departments, Multi-Purpose Centres and Primary Healthcare sites which will assist in the candidate being exposed to the following:

  • Agency life
  • Autonomous practice
  • Indigenous Health Aspects
  • Primary Healthcare
  • On Call/Call out systems

Candidates who do not meet HCA’s New to Remote Pathway (NTRP) criteria would benefit from completing more comprehensive courses such as the Centre for Remote Health’s Transition to Remote Area Nursing 10 day short course. The HCA R&R Team will be happy to provide you with any advice you might need to assist you in getting your Rural & Remote nursing adventure started in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask!

I’m In! Where do I get more information to get me started?

If you think that the above sounds like a fantastic career development opportunity and you would love the chance to bring high quality healthcare to some of the most remote and isolated locations in Australia, then read our easy to follow checklist below to find out what criteria you need to meet to take the first step.

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Why give Rural & Remote placements a try?

Working in Rural & Remote communities will give you exposure to the kind of healthcare you just don’t see or experience in the big city – it is a unique, eye-opening and rewarding experience! You will have the opportunity to make an extraordinary difference to the lives of Australians by providing access to healthcare services in regional, rural and isolated locations. Healthcare Australia is the nursing agency of choice for Rural & Remote placements. Some of the reasons healthcare professionals choose to work with Healthcare Australia include:

FREE travel within Australia & subsidised international travel allowances
Annual $500 Education Allowance
Diverse placement opportunities – explore Australia!
A dedicated R&R consultant to provide personalised support & guidance

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