Rural & Remote Nursing

Rural & Remote Nursing

The Rural & Remote Adventure

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If you’re looking for a new adventure or perhaps you’re looking to diversify your skill set, a Rural and Remote placement could be your next career move. Working rural and remote refers to all placement opportunities outside of the major metropolitan areas. This includes, regional towns, developed rural hubs, farming and mining communities and all remote settlements and Indigenous communities.

Ready for the ultimate nursing adventure?

Check out HCA’s New to Remote Pathway to learn more about working remotely.

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Why give Rural and Remote Nursing a try?

In a rural and remote community, you will have the opportunity to make an extraordinary difference, helping the lives of Australians with geographic limitation to healthcare facilities. Some of the many reasons that Nurses choose to work with us on Rural & Remote placements include:

Access to +500 Facilities around Australia
Dedicated consultants for every candidate offering support and advice
Benefits from free or subsidised travel reimbursements
24 Hour Service and Support

Rural & Remote at Healthcare Australia

Is working Rural & Remote across Australia currently just a day-dream thought? Take the leap with Healthcare Australia’s Specialist Rural & Remote division.

What type of placements do we offer?

Our team offer a variety of placement options for Nurses, Midwives, Carers, CSSD and Anesthetic Technicians.

  • Aged Care
  • Emergency Department
  • Maternity
  • Renal / Dialysis
  • Diabetes Education
  • Oncology / Chemotherapy
  • Remote Area Clinics
  • Mental Health
  • General Medical / Surgical
  • Operating Theatre
  • Child Health

Where do we place our Nurses?

With 45 years’ experience placing healthcare professionals in roles across Australia, we’ve developed exclusive preferred provider agreements with leading Australian healthcare facilities. This allows us to offer nursing opportunities at +500 facilities across the country. From the Kimberley’s, Western Australia to Alice Spring, Northern Territory, if you’re looking for some inspiration of where to Nurse Rural and Remote, take a look at our blog post 6 Most Popular places to Nurse Rural and Remote.

For more information on role locations, travel and accommodation benefits you can contact our team of consultants on 1300 885 728 or see our R&R Frequently Asked Questions.



"Working with Healthcare Australia ensures I always feel part of a team, which is so important when you are over 12,000 kilometres away from home.”

Katie M - Theatre Nurse


"The locals and the people you meet take me out cultural hunting and fishing. I get to meet other medics, school aides and teachers, whom I spend time with. Get involved with the community activities including any local sports team."

Warwick S - Remote Area Nurse


"Working in a remote community really opened up my eyes and helped me to become a better nurse"

Craig Brooks - Registered Nurse