Get extra CA$H to supplement your income during quiet times!

Would you like the benefits of working in a full time role, whilst having the flexibility and advantages of working for an Agency?

As part of our loyalty program for New South Wales, we reward agency nurses  for every hour worked with bonus points to earn extra cash!

How does it work?

  • Earn 1 point for every hour worked in private facilities
  • Earn 2 points for every hour worked in public facilities
  • Earn an additional 100 points for yourself when you refer a friend
  • Look out for weekly shift promotions to earn additional points

Every point you earn is paid out as a cash bonus – $1 per point.

With less than one month (18th December) to claim your CA$H 4 HOUR$ points, book your shifts in now!

Our CA$H 4 HOUR$ rewards program will be replaced by a new exciting rewards program HCA Rewards. Stay tuned as we will be revealing what you will be benefiting from next year!

For more details on our CA$H 4 HOUR$ schemes check out our terms and conditions here.

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“We all know the health care sector is a little quiet over Christmas – I now have a cash payment of $4,500 that I’m going to cash in at Christmas and use as holiday pay. Thanks HCA!”

Joanna, NSW ASEPS Nurse


“After working with HCA for only three months as an Agency nurse I have already cashed in my first $500 bonus payment! This is a great way for me to earn an extra income whilst continuing to do the job I love.”

Andrew, NSW NAA Nurse