Are you looking for the adventure of your life to work in Australia?

If you’re a Nurse, Midwife or Healthcare Professional, now is the time to start your adventure with Healthcare Australia (HCA).

Live the dream of working in the warmer climates of Australia. With HCA get access to facilities in every state and territory across Australia and the flexibility to work when you want. If you’re interested in something a little more stable, why not get assistance from the HCA Perm International Team.

Our dedicated International team can guide you through your registration with AHPRA, Visa and assist you with accommodation and finding roles that best suit you including:

  • Agency/Bank (Block Booking available)
  • Full-time/Permanent (sponsorship available)
  • Rural & Remote Contracts

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Why HCA?

If you need more convincing, look at four international nursing candidates who made the move to nurse and travel Australia by watching their inspiring journey.

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"I love the people in Rural and Remote Nursing, everyone is lovely and they invite you out to local events. When I worked on the Gold Coast, I loved the lifestyle, warmth and of course the beaches. I think you should just do it - don't wait any longer. I wanted to do it for about 4 years and I wish I had done it sooner."

Rachel Bangs, New Zealand - Acute


"I love the flexible working hours, especially in winter - you can pick shifts up because of the increase. On my time off I got to travel to Fraser Island with a back packing group of 20-30 people for a weekend. We did 4 wheel driving with 8 people in each car – the driving was really fun. Overall, It’s just a much better lifestyle, people are laid back and very polite – it must be the weather."

Iona Matheson, UK - ICU


"DO IT - you won’t regret it! Although it may seem like a lot to organise and prepare before moving to Australia, I can assure you it is worth every penny, tear and handbag left at home!"

Rachel Coney, Northern Ireland - Mental Health


"Before the move, it was really helpful having the office in London and speaking to someone in the same time zone. Since being here, I have really enjoyed the experience, it’s different to previous roles and it’s nice to have the flexibility of working when I want to work."

Toby Clark, UK - Mental Health Nurse

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