David recently celebrated his 10 Year Anniversary!

Kathryn began working as a support worker almost by accident. Now, ten years’ later, he’s never looked back!

1. What initially attracted you to the industry?

That’s going way back now. Well, the thing that comes to my mind is, as a child I always had interest in people with a disability. That eventually led to wanting to work in the industry.

2. With your level of experience, what would be your advice to someone who is new to being a support worker?

This is going to sound like first aid. Look, listen and feel. I would advise them to learn, to use their initiative and to try and plan their shift and prioritise what you need to get done.

3. If you could change 1 thing in the industry, what would it be?

I would give people working on the ground more responsibility around decision making. Especially decisions around direct care for clients, rather than always having to go through management.

4. Is there one specific moment in your time working with HCA that stands out as being most rewarding or special?

Gosh, over 21 years it’s hard to pick a particular moment. The moment I recall was when a client who has difficulty communicating and can become aggressive, developed trust in me. I can’t tell you exactly when that moment occurred but I’m still working with him, up until now. For me, it’s a treasured working relationship and I’ve learnt a lot from that client. It’s rewarding to show clients respect and gain that respect back from them. Respect starts with interest in the other person.

5. 10 years is a long time working with any company, what do you enjoy most about working for HCA?

The flexibility. I also find the company dependable, which is important. Like if I have any queries or problems, they get seen to. That’s what I mean by dependable. Also, the friendly staff, because staff in other organisations can be quite pushy. I like the ethos of HCA.