The Nuts and Bolts

Have you been picking up any last-minute or hard-to-fill shifts lately? As a special thanks to those flexible and tireless employees, you’ll be in the running to win 1 of 20 Events Cinema movie tickets. Why? Because you deserve it!

Selection criteria:

To be eligible to receive this prize, you will  have picked up at least one last-minute or hard-to-fill shift during a one-month period. The HCA allocation team will add a note to your file at the time of booking and coordinate a final list at the end of every month with the names of those staff who have fulfilled the requirement. In anticipation of more than 20 members per month fulfilling the selection criteria, a secondary consideration will be given to hours worked throughout the same one-month month.

What is the prize?

  • 1 x standard movie ticket at Event Cinemas, valued at $20.00.
  • 20 prizes will be given away nationally each month (NSW, VIC, QLD, SA)

For the full list of T&C’s, click here.


Winners will be notified either by phone or email within the first week of the following month. For instance, winners in July will be notified in early August. Prizes will have an expiry date on them and this date will be clearly communicated to each winner at the time of notification.