How Healthcare Australia is Supporting Communities Impacted by the Bushfire Crisis

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Over the past few weeks we have watched in great sadness and concern as fire has ravaged so many parts of Australia.  As the bushfires continue to devastate our country, our thoughts are with the many communities affected by this disaster. We extend our sincere gratitude to the thousands of emergency services workers and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help save lives, property and wildlife.

Support spans three areas of focus:

Working on the frontline. Many of our colleagues have been called into the Army Reserve and deployed on Kangaroo Island and other disaster areas. Some of our staff are RFS/CFA volunteers and have been directly fighting fires, some have been deployed since November 2019.

Supporting customers and communities. Many team members have worked through the holiday period in and out of evacuation zones and have provided support and care for patients and residents in evacuation centres. Some have even helped disabled participants to escape to evacuation centres, putting their own lives at risk. There have also been many instances where our teams have been able to leave fire zones but have chosen to stay to help move patients to safe areas.

Fundraisers and donations. Teams all over the country have conducted fundraisers and donations to disaster relief funds. And Healthcare Australia will be offering all staff a fully paid volunteer day to help affected zones. This will amount to a $150,000 donation.

“I’m proud to work at a company with such a strong and ongoing commitment to supporting our customers and communities in which we live and work,” says Jason Cartwright, CEO of Healthcare Australia . “We will continue to do all we can to support the affected communities now and in the coming months.”