Healthcare Australia offers a helping hand and support to communities impacted by the bushfires


In the aftermath of some of the worst bushfires in living memory, Healthcare Australia wanted to contribute to those communities that were devastated by the summer fires, while also extending our sincere gratitude to the thousands of emergency services workers and volunteers who worked tirelessly to help save lives, property and wildlife over many months.

Australian natives

Healthcare Australia CEO, Jason Cartwright, invited each office to research different ways that we – as a company – could give back to the areas most affected. The feedback from the staff was that they wanted to get their hands dirty and get directly involved.

One team from the HCA Sydney office went out on a volunteer day last Friday!

As we all know, the Australian wildlife suffered enormously, and so after a conversation with The Wombat Care Bundanoon, a group of 17 (and many others) donated much needed funds and labour to plant back native trees and bushes into the environment, as a way to bring the wildlife back after the loss of their habitat and food.


Lynne planting natives for the wildife

The team visited fire-affected properties in Bundanoon and surrounding areas in the beautiful Southern Highlands. The Sydney office raised $350 internally for the day and for the cost of 140 plants (40 natives and 100 Casuarina seedlings) that were all planted on the day.

“Over the weekend, I have been getting lovely people who are very appreciative of having native plants not only donated to them, but being planted too! Thank you again, HCA, for this wonderful gesture to our community.” — Lyndall, Wombat Care.


Other departments across the country have similar days planned throughout March.


β€œIt was wonderful to come together and make a difference to the community in Bundanoon.”

Bundanoon is a town in the Southern Highlands of NSW