View a summary of your payments

Want to know how much you have been paid this week? The Payroll section of the app allows you to view a summary of your payments including gross, tax and net earnings.

If you would prefer to see more information about your payment including individual shift details that relate to your payment, there is also the option to view your payslip in the same way as you would if it was delivered by post. All this from the palm of your hand and instantly!

Payslips Screen

Easily view and update your facility preferences

This includes the option to update your personal preferences such as  “Do Sends” and “Do Not Sends”. Preferences are important as they tell us where you do and don’t like to work.

In addition to facility preferences, the eHCA app allows you to update your SMS and email subscriptions. If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving alerts or communication from us, this area will allow you to do this.

Preferences Screen

The eHCA app provides you with much more than the ability to manage your shifts

We’ve also built into the app additional items like news, social media feeds, sharing the app, viewing frequently asked questions and even providing feedback about the app.

All of this can be accessed via the navigation drawer top left of the Home screen.

Much More Screen


Click here for information on submitting electronic timesheets.