Maximise your substantive staff

Clarity Managed Services’ fully integrated e-roster module allows managers to build and manage complex rosters for their substantive workers.  It ensures a fair and flexible rule-based roster where workers can set availability and request shifts through cloud based technology or an app on their phone.  Through using e-rostering instead of antiquated manual processes, managers will free up their time for more important tasks.

Completed rosters can be shared with the team via email or the app. Through integration, Clarity Managed Services can work with existing HR systems to ensure events such as annual leave are managed effectively within a roster.

Reporting from the e-roster module provides managers with an in-depth perspective of their team’s reliability, skills mix and flexibility.

Any gaps in the e-roster can then be cascaded to the casual pool through a simple click of a button.

For more information on how e-rosters can free up your managers time, improve efficiency in your teams and ensure you have the right staff on the right shift call 1300 4 CLARITY – 1300 4 2527489 or email