The Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and HCL Clarity partnership has helped to enable safe, efficient working and encouraged sensible spending. This has been achieved by transforming a Trust from one that was booking agency doctors at a localised level using labour-intensive processes to a trust operating standardised practices supported by back office automation and control.

Medical locum review at NHS Acute Trust saves £1.3 million

The facts

The internal bank was successfully built up from approximately 30 to over 627 fully compliant doctors, who are prioritised in the recruitment process before cascade to agency, saving an excess of £300k per annum on agency spend.

Within the first year, the following efficiencies were achieved:

Reduced agency spend:

  • An indicative reduction of 12% annual agency expenditure through renegotiated framework rates, estimated to be worth more than £800k a year.

Real-time, accurate reporting of contingent staff requirements allowing optimised workforce planning:

  • Leading to, higher fill rates (now consistently in excess of 95%) enabling safe staffing levels.
  • Providing evidence to support business cases for permanent recruitment, saving the Trust £240k per annum on agency spend.
  • Reduced administration and release of Trust resource:
    A significant reduction in Trust-led compliance checks required, down from 261 a year to zero.
    The removal of process burden from the Trust, as HCL now chase electronic timesheet authorisation and sign-off for payroll’s weekly run.
  • A more streamlined invoicing process, including self-billing.

Streamlined Preferred Supplier List:

  • 52 suppliers reduced to 26 compliant, quality suppliers, helping to ensure a high quality of patient care.

In summary

The powerful management information provided by HCL Clarity’s technology of choice will also enable further financial savings, as the Trust can now make informed decisions about their supply chain and future workforce; ultimately as more medical resources are freed up, Trust staff will be able to provide an even higher standard of patient care.


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