Brisbane Nurse looking for work-life balance

Alison in front of Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane Nurse, Alison Kristensen always knew she wanted to contribute to other people’s lives in a positive way. However one year ago, after 14 years in healthcare sales, she realised she wanted some work-life balance back in her life. Fortunately she was already registered with Healthcare Australia, the nation’s leading nursing agency group and was able to leave her permanent role and work the hours that suited her.

“I was registered as a Healthcare Australia Agency Nurse for over six years and would work the odd shift here and there to maintain my nursing registration. But after I kept getting sick and not seeing my friends and family, I realised I needed a change, so I decided to work as an Agency Nurse with Healthcare Australia in a full time capacity,” says Alison. “Ever since I began working as an agency nurse full-time, I have truly loved going to work everyday because it is my choice to be there. Plus I never have to work night-shifts!”

Working in a variety of different healthcare facilities throughout her time with Healthcare Australia as a General and Mental Health Nurse, Alison has now found she has a keen interest in youth mental health. “In the last few years I have worked extensively in youth mental health, helping young people who have mental health and substance abuse problems. I find this type of nursing to be extremely rewarding, and I absolutely love the facilities I have been able to work in thanks to Healthcare Australia,” says Alison.

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