Frequently Asked Questions

How are electronic timesheets more secure than paper timesheets?

At first, it may seem that electronic timesheets are less secure than paper and increase the risk of incorrect or fraudulent timesheet submission, however this process has been designed with security as a focus. Here are some of the reasons why electronic timesheets are much more secure and decrease the likelihood of incorrect timesheet submissions than the traditional paper method:

  • Electronic authorised timesheets can only be submitted if the original booking has been placed in our systems and the applicable staff member has been allocated to the shift. Brand new shifts cannot be submitted electronically via the app.
  • When you, as a client, authorise shifts on a staff members phone via signature, this signature is never saved onto the device and is transmitted directly to HCA. Furthermore, HCA staff members cannot retrieve or see this signature imprint ever again, unlike paper:
  • Unlike paper timesheets, we can now track the date, time and authorisers name when timesheets are submitted
  • If you are a registered eHCA client user, and use your PIN or Password, this is an even more secure method of authorising shifts
  • After a shift has been authorised and submitted, a staff member cannot edit the shift details without going through the full authorisation process again.

Does my facility have to use this new electronic timesheet?

No, we have built this new system to streamline the traditional paper timesheet method for HCA staff and HCA clients, however you do not have to use this new system. All HCA staff will continue to bring their paper timesheet books with them in the event that different facilities may or may not accept this method of timesheet authorisation. In addition, all HCA staff are required to carry their timesheet books just in case trouble with their phone prevents them from submitting an electronic timesheet.

If I use the eHCA app for timesheets, do I still need my timesheet book?

Yes, it is still a requirement to take your timesheet book to cover for facilities which do not use electronic authorisation, and for those times when trouble with your phone prevents you from using the app.

When can I start submitting my timesheets electronically?

You can start submitting timesheets via electronic authorisation or by taking a photo of your paper timesheet as soon as you have downloaded and installed the app. You do not need to advise us when you start submitting timesheets electronically.

A full list of FAQs can be accessed via the app once you’ve downloaded, installed it and logged in.