8 Reasons Why Agency Nursing is Becoming More Popular

With Agency Nursing becoming more popular, Nursing and finding Agency Jobs has never been easier with Healthcare Australia

What is Agency Nursing?

A Nursing Agency is designed to help private, public, and residential venues find qualified and experienced Nurses. Likewise, Agency Nursing allows Nurses to have the flexibility to work when and where they want in their field without being directly hired by a hospital or other healthcare facility. Under Agency Nursing, Nurses can decide to work as many or as little shifts as they like, giving them the ability to structure their work around their lifestyle.

Nursing Agencies furnish a variety of healthcare jobs in all areas and specialties of Nursing, including Acute Care, Emergency Department, Midwifery, Mental Health and more. Healthcare Australia (HCA) is one of Australia’s premier Nursing Agencies, helping Nurses find jobs across the country.

Is Agency Nursing for you?

If you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of choosing when and where you want to work and what shifts you prefer to work, Agency Nursing is a good fit for you. You get to focus on patient care and reap the benefits of Agency Nursing.

What are the benefits of Agency Nursing with Healthcare Australia?


1. More choice of shifts

We offer more shifts than any other agency in Australia, with more than 1,500 shifts available on a daily basis. Whether you want permanent, part time, full time, or temporary work, jobs are easy to access with a simple phone call to your local consultant or online on our website.

2. Simple booking process

With HCA, Nurses can easily select shifts and manage their own availability online on the HCA website or via their mobile phone on the eHCA app. It is not only easy to find your ideal nursing job, but also to choose your shifts, set your availability, and choose your preferred locations.

3. Education and training

We also offer education and training solutions so Nurses can develop advanced skills and earn CPD points. For example, if you already have experience as a Registered Nurse, you can use our system to enjoy the benefits of a variety of nursing specialties.

4. Get paid within 48 hours

We also provide Nurses with QuickPay options, so you can get paid within 48 hours of your shifts. Why wait a week to get paid when you can get compensated for caring for patients within 48 hours?

5. Flexibility and freedom

Work when and where you want with the freedom and flexibility HCA offers. Nurses are able to choose work near their homes, or can travel to rural or urban locations to work. Our national presence means that you can find jobs in every State and Territory in Australia!

6. Plan work and shifts around your lifestyle

You get to organise your schedule around your personal and family responsibilities, which is something everyone wants. Enjoy great pay and a higher quality of life, never missing out on valuable time with your family and friends.

7. Higher pay rates

Agency Nursing jobs generally pay higher hourly rates than facility positions and offer better holiday pay, depending on the Nursing specialty.

8. Professional development

Working with HCA means you can work in more than one department at most private or public facilities. Working in a variety of departments offers nurses a way to boost their skills across many areas of nursing, which may result in higher pay and more job options.

Through the greater flexibility and choice that Agency Nursing provides, partnering with a Nursing Agency has become popular among today’s Nurses. Our vast selection of jobs on top of the ease and convenience of booking shifts online and via our app sets HCA apart from the other Agencies.

If you have considered Agency Nursing to find temporary, contract, rural, part time, full time, or permanent work, register with us or call 1300 422 247.

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