7 nursing memes all healthcare workers can relate to

Nursing Memes header | Nurse looks at phone

This year has seen some great memes across the healthcare industry and we wanted to share 7 of the very best laughs we’ve had so far. Whether you’re an RN, AIN, Midwife or any other discipline, these memes will give you a great chuckle. 

Number 1: The Night shifts bring out the best in us!

1. Jack

Number 2: It just seems to be that everytime people find out that you’re a Nurse, they want to show you their ailments.

2. Yes I'm a nurse

Number 3: Having the right team around you can make all the difference. Thanks to the friends that make the job so much more enjoyable.

3. The A team

Number 4: Clearly this guy isn’t a Nurse. There’s never a moment to sit down when you’re on the job.

4. Nursing sitting down on the job

Number 5: That sweet spot when you don’t know whether it’s really late or really early. For most of us, 4am in the morning has this effect

5. Nursing at 4am

Number 6: We’ve all been there. Never an itch until that unavoidable circumstance when your gloves are covered in unimanginable fluids.

6. itchy face

Number 7: You know the feeling! The one where you find out that your best friend is working the same shift.

7. Nursing with your best friend

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