5 Things to know about Partnering with a Recruitment Agency

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The process of recruiting candidates for a job position is tedious. First you must advertise the position to garner interest in the job. That advertisement requires you to write a good description of the job including its location, to provide contact information, and to list the duties and educational/experience qualifications the position requires.

After you start getting responses to your advertisement you spend time sifting through resumes, screening candidates, making phone calls to references, and setting up initial interviews. It takes that much effort just to begin to narrow your choices down to those who will be best for the job. Then you have to set up the interviews and go through that process before you even make the hire.

Isn’t there a better way?

Partnering with a recruitment agency can save you from these hassles. Here’s how working with a recruitment agency helps you handle the hiring process.

What five things should you know about partnering with a recruitment agency?

1. Time-saving – The most obvious benefit to partnering with a recruitment agency for staffing your business is the time you save doing it in-house. Recruitment agencies take the time-consuming hassle out of the hiring process for you by streamlining it and making it as efficient as possible. That way you get the best candidate without all the work.

2. Money-saving – Once the time it takes to staff your business is no longer an issue, you make and save more money. While you concentrate on running your business, the recruitment agency you partner with is working behind the scenes to find ideal candidates for the jobs you need filled. The savings don’t end there. If you partner with a recruitment agency that handles payroll as well, your business is no longer taking the brunt of the administrative costs that come with hiring new staff. You merely pay the agency, the agency takes care of payroll, and you save that extraneous expense. This is especially beneficial when you’re hiring temporary, part-time, or contract workers.

3. Access to screened and qualified candidates – Recruitment agencies have access to a huge network of potential candidates for a variety of jobs. Agencies that specialise in an industry or area of expertise, like Healthcare Australia, provide better candidates for that industry. For instance, if you’re in need of a Registered Nurse with special skills in emergency care, HCA has access to a network of qualified candidates.

4. Extensive labour market knowledge – Recruiters are always talking to job seekers, businesses who are hiring, and where the jobs are. That’s what they do, so they have an extensive knowledge of the job market from all angles. That means you don’t have to settle for a new hire that is mediocre or ill-suited to the job when you partner with a recruitment agency.

5. A beneficial partnership – There are perks to a long-term relationship with a recruitment agency. The longer you use the agency, the better relationship you build and the better they get to know you and your hiring needs. They develop a better understanding of what you’re looking for in a candidate for various positions over a short time, which means you’re building a synergetic relationship.

It’s important to you that your business is productive and runs efficiently. Partnering with a recruitment agency strengthens your business, and lets you focus on growth. If you’re interested in benefitting from partnering with HCA in order to staff your healthcare workers, feel free to contact us below.

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