5 of the Best Things About Being an Agency Nurse

HCA nurse chats with other HCA nurses in breakroom small

There are few careers that are more rewarding and satisfying than nursing.

How could being a nurse in Australia get any more rewarding than it is?

By working for an agency like HCA.

Agency nursing is more rewarding for nurses who enjoy freedom, flexibility, quality of care, shift choices, better pay, better working conditions, and the ability to gain experience in various departments.

Having control over your schedule is only one benefit of being an agency nurse. Here are the top 5 things that make agency nursing so desirable.

Flexibility for scheduling and location – As an agency nurse, you get to choose the shifts you want to work and the place you want to work. It’s ideal for nurses who have families and want to strike a balance between their career and home life. If you prefer to work days only, no weekends, or nights only, you get to choose.

Higher pay rates and benefits – Agency nurses get paid more per hour for their hard work. Agency nurses often work in remote areas, private facilities, or may travel around Australia. Your experience can lead to higher pay, great penalty rates, and even holiday pay depending on the agency and the medical facility.

Quality of care – One of the reasons agency nurses love their jobs is that they get to pay attention to the little details that make patient care better and more effective. Some nursing jobs are tedious and rushed, leaving you with less time to spend with patients who need a little more attention.

Better working environment – Agency nurses get to work in an efficient team environment, but they also get to work independently. This kind of cohesive working environment is good for the nurses, doctors, other medical personnel, and the patients.

Gain experience and education – When you get involved with a good nursing agency, you will enjoy gaining new experience at various facilities and in different departments where your expertise is not only needed, but appreciated. You can also further your education in order to get more jobs as you progress. You’ll also make some great friends along the way.

Healthcare Australia (HCA) offers more than 1,500 shifts on a daily basis across Australia added to the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you choose to work. You can manage your shifts and your schedule and get paid within 48 hours through our QuickPay system.

If agency nursing is something you have been considering, you will find rural, part time, full time, contract, temporary, or permanent work available at HCA. You can register with us online or call us at 1 300 422 247.