3 Reasons it may be time to switch to Agency Nursing

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After working in permanent nursing roles for years; Kevin, a Midwife and Critical Care Nurse from Western Australia, had finally had enough. “I didn’t receive recognition for unpaid hours and I was under constant stress. I also found that there wasn’t a lot of flexibility with my roster, which made it difficult to see my family” Kevin explains.

Below we explore three reasons that Nurses, like Kevin, choose to switch to Agency Nursing.


Flexibility is a lifestyle choice that not many get to experience in their chosen fields. As a Nurse, flexible working conditions are an active career choice which cater towards many lifestyles.

Agency Nursing not only allows flexibility in the shifts you choose but also opens up new opportunities to travel.  You could be working in a Melbourne city Hospital one week to a Rural and Remote country facility the next.


Variety is the spice of life! Agency nursing allows nurses to work in many different environments, helping to build new skills and a wealth of experience.

Therese, a 24-year-old Registered nurse, says “the most enjoyable part of my job is learning something new almost every day, as well as working with some great colleagues.”


Working for an Agency means you are entitled to a number of benefits.

Some of the great benefits that Healthcare Australia offers to their staff include:

Online availability and management of shifts through the eHCA App

Continued education and training available at all times to help build competencies, skills, and CPD points

A Quickpay service which allows healthcare professionals to receive payment within 48 hours of a shift

Healthcare Australia offers more than 1,500 shifts daily across Australia, making us the leaders in Agency Nursing.

If you are a nurse looking to make the shift from Permanent Nursing to Agency Nursing, contact our consulting team on 1300 422 247 or click the registration button below.

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