12 Best Nursing Memes of 2017

Our top 12 memes

It’s our favourite time of the year at HCA!!!

Yes, we’ve got the purple tinsel and baubles, but what makes December so very special is that we get to countdown your Top 12 Nursing Memes of year.

Let’s get this countdown going.

Number 12: All ER Nurses can relate to this.


Number 11: Clearly they have spent very little time around a hospital. People who don’t do shift work just don’t understand.

Number 10: A seasonal classic for all our Midwives out there. Sometimes a shift can be a little scary, but always take time to enjoy the lighter moments.   


Number 9: As much as we love Meredith Grey, McDreamy, McSteamy and the whole crew, it’s always fun to poke holes in some of TV’s great hospital dramas.

Number 8: That feeling when days jut merge together – Every Nurse that’s ever done a night shift can relate.


Number 7: We couldn’t help but notice the similarities when we saw Melania rock up in this ‘nurse inspired’ ensemble. 


Number 6: Murphy’s Law of Nursing – Your nose will itch the very moment your gloved hands get contaminated – The more minor the injury, the angrier the person is who has to wait – As soon as you finish a 30 minute dressing, the Doctor will want to take a look at the wound – Never utter the words “this shift can’t get any worse”.


Number 5: It’s hard to imagine a shift without your best buddy, but sometimes we just have to soldier on. 


Number 4: Again with the night shift! The disorientation that comes with sleeping during day-light and powering through the night isn’t missed when you switch to day shifts.


Number 3: They said what…When a patient just isn’t cooperating.

Number 2: Agency Life! Need we say more.

Number 1: You know you think about work too much when you start hearing those damn beeps on the bus, in the street and even in your dreams.


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