11 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Quotes for Healthcare Professionals

Hilarious valentines day quotes for healthcare professionals


It’s that time of the year again. Prepare to buy or receive beautifully overpriced roses, accompanied with a bottle of bubbles and dine with your partner in crime. Or be lucky enough sit at home and stay away from besotted couples gazing into one another’s eyes.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all romantic and lovey-dovey. It can be about laughter, joy and 11 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Quotes for Healthcare Professionals…

#1. Pun-ny greetings



#2. The love is real





#3. Watch out


#4. The wrist is history



#5. I’m so happy…



#6. It’s going TIBIA great day



#7. You make my heart feel funny



#8. Can I get you some vitamins? 



#9. I Aorta send this greeting card



#10. Can someone pass me the oxygen?



#11. Always follow your brain <3



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